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Bible Classes: 9:30 AM
Sunday AM Assembly: 10:30 AM
Sunday PM Assembly: 6:00 PM
Wed Assembly/Bible Classes: 7:00 PM


Scripture is profitable
2 Timothy 3:16-17

Whitehouse Church of Christ



Jack DodgenMarriages are in shambles. An institution that God holds in high esteem istrampled in our society. Why? Because the foundation on which many marriages are built is sandy and shallow. Strong marriages have their roots in godly relationships from the very beginning. This relationship seminar, originally held at the Pritchett church of Christ, is a study on dating from a Christian perspective. This seminar covers the topic of courtship, what it is, why it’s important and how we can effectively do it today. If we want our marriages to be better we must start at the beginning of a relationship. The classes, sermons and audience asked questions will help us create a better foundation today for our marriage tomorrow.

  1. What is Courtship/Our Courtship Story
  2. The Purpose of Courtship
  3. How Do I Court? (Girls)
  4. How Do I Court? (Boys)


Our Mission: Reaching Up. Reaching Out. Reaching Across.